Saturday, May 30, 2009

Etsy Jewelry Artist Guild

I applied for, and was accepted as, a member of the Etsy Jewelry Artist Guild (eJAG)!!

New Stamp Set!!! 1/16"

I got a new stamp set this week!! Aren't you excited!! The letters are 1/16" tall (the smallest you can get) and will allow me to stamp more words/text on smaller objects.

Custom Order - Anniversary Gift

This was a fun project. A husband designed this necklace for his wife for their 9 year wedding anniversary.

Vintage Button Ring

I had 3 vintage blue and gold buttons my grandmother gave me. I turned 2 of them into earrings (currently for sale in my shop) and my sister asked me to turn the 3rd into a ring for her. Using a silver bezel adjustable ring setting, I removed the button shank and attached it.

Jewelry "Repair"

My sister brought me this broken necklace in hopes I could either repair it or transform it into something else. The metal was so brittle that repairing it was, not impossible, but not really worth it. So instead, I turned it into 3 separate necklaces and 1 bracelet. (if you ask me, i think they are more wearable than the original)

<-- This is before

This is after. The large pendant from the original necklace was broken up and divided into 3 different necklaces and a bracelet (on the right)

Custom Order - Medical Alert Bracelet

Another etsy sale! This medical alert charm is going to be added to her existing anklet. Hopefully she never has to use it (like, in an emergency)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Boldly Going Where I've Never Gone...YET

At the bookstore today I picked up a copy of The Art of Metal Clay. It teaches the techniques of working with precious metal clay and how to create real silver and gold pieces. But before I can begin I need to acquire the supplies. I'm hoping the local bead store sells the metal clay (aka PMC3) and if I purchased it from them, if they would allow me to use their kiln for free. Otherwise, I'll probably have to hold off until I can get a small kiln of my own...stay tuned.

The New BFF Necklace

This lariat necklace started out as a pair of earrings (the large black stone in the center). I divided the earring up and created 2 necklaces, one for me and a similar one for my sister. They were her earring after all....

Tala's Jade

Another creation from Great-Aunt Tala's jewelry box. These 'beads' are 100+ year old jade pearls. Tala had a full strand that broke. It appears she attempted to fix them at one point, as the broken necklace still had needles and added thread in the box.

I'm slowly taking apart the necklace and dividing the jade between her Nieces and Grand-Nieces. My sister got the first piece, a sterling silver byzantine chain bracelet with a few of the jade pearls (i hope to get a pic to post here soon)

Tala's Buttons

The center pendant is an antique Mother of Pearl button that belonged to my Great-Aunt Tala. I had Husband file down the shank and then carefully drilled a small hole in which to attach the bail. Once the button was successfully turned into a pendant, I simply strung it with some turquoise beads.

Custom Order

1" copper charm a client was adding to an existing necklace. the double hearts in the center were created by overlapping my single heart stamp in just the right places. It took a few practice stamps, but I think the end piece came out nice.

My "Design Stuido"

I have completely taken over the dining room as my workspace. I found an 80 pocket jewelry hanger (on the door) to hold those items that are reserved for my online store and I have several storage cases, yet my supplies are taking over!!

My sister gave me a mannequin to use for measurements and photography! It creeps me out but has come in sooo handy.


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