Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review: Rio Cold Mold Two Part Compound

Rio Grande's Cold Mold Two Part Compound
Price: about $25

My Goal for this Product: To create 3 dimensional PMC charms

The Bottom Line: Easy to use and affordable. A must have for metal clay artists.

My Review: I couldn't be more pleased with the product! You get a good amount of the product and will be able to make many molds. The compound comes with complete instructions that are simple to follow. All you have to do is combine equal amounts of each part, no additional mold or release agents are needed!

Tips for Using this Product: The compound beings to harden quickly, so have the object you intend to create your impression from ready to go before you being mixing the two components. I like to test the impression on a lump of Play Dough before committing to making a mold from it. Sometimes the object I'm using (ex. the pattern on a spoon handle) doesn't create a deep enough impression to make a good mold from.

My first molds with Cold Mold Compound

My charms after firing in the kiln
(unfinished, I still need to apply the patina)

Rio Grande has a great video about how to use Cold Mold here (after the wax carving demo)


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