Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Santa must have thought I was super good this year because on Christmas morning I found a VULCAN JK-1 KILN
tucked into my stocking!!
Have I been to the grocery store since? NO
Have I cleaned the house since? NO
Have I fired this baby up everyday since Christmas? HECK YEAH!!
With a max temp of 2250 degrees, this hot little number is sure to light a fire in my jewelry line. (Ok, ok enough kiln jokes)

(husband keeping warm. the exterior of the kiln could reach a temp of 350 degrees, but so far the temps i've used have kept the exterior just warm to the touch)

My first few pieces...
Made from PMC3 which becomes 99.9% fine silver once fired.

The tulip pendants were made from impressions taken from these "fashionable" earrings.

And the floral pattern is an impression of an antique sugar bowl

I'm sure you'll start to see several of these pendants in my shop in the near future. Now my shop will be able to live up to it's name ~ Precious Metals!!


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