Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's Stay Together

This morning I received the nicest email from PragyaK of ArtoCrat: Home Art Prints & Posters. She said:


Love your work and blog! I wanted to post this comment on your blog but the comment link is broken or something. Anyways here it is-

"It was so nice to stumble across your blog. I've just read through 3 posts and I'm hooked :) Is there a way I could get your daily posts in a email? Tried the RSS but it just takes me to a page filled with words! LOL!"

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a few solutions with everyone out there that might be experiencing the same dilemma! There are multiple options for getting your Precious Metals fix ;-)

1. Blog RSS Feed

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a Web feed format used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts. An RSS document (which is called a feed or web feed or channel) contains either a summary of content (teaser) from an associated web site or the full text.

To subscribe the RSS feed simply click the Blog RSS link
This is going to bring you to a text/document of the same webpage. At the top of the page you should see a yellow subscription box. Click Subscribe to this Feed.

Next a confirmation box should appear. Click the Subscribe button.

Now you should see a message that says You've Successfully Subscribed to this Feed

Open MS Outlook. Under the RSS folder you should see a folder for Precious Metals

2. Facebook Fan Page and Twitter

Whenever I create a new blog post I always post a link to it on my Facebook Fan Page. My Fan Page is also linked to my Twitter account. So any updates to the Fan Page are automatically posted on Twitter. On Twitter I also post any new listings in my shop, but I don't post new listings on Facebook.

Become a Facebook Fan:



If you have a account you can opt to "follow" a blog. Simply locate the Followers section of the blog and click Follow

You will be asked to login to a account (I use google)

Once you sign in you can select to Follow This Blog

Now when you login to your Blogger account you'll see the blog listed in your reading list


My friend Rachel, from Sohaus, also had issues with comments not working correctly on her blog. This is what she found that solved the problem:

If you want to comment on any of the blogs, you need to sign into your google account. If you've already typed up a comment without signing in, and you hit "post comment", you'll get a thing saying this couldn't be processed. Just click on "more options" and it will let you sign into your account and then your comment will show up in the feed.

There you go! I hope this helps so of you navigate the Blogger world and stay in touch with your favorite blogs.


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